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So you’ve got some carrots and asparagus laying around, eh? Not at the peak of freshness, but not yet in the stir-fry category, huh?

We found ourselves in that very situation during the Sunday morning brunch roundup. Who wants to pop out to the store when they could be sipping coffee in their comfy pj’s? Nobody! As a result we’ve made a habit of having a few pantry staples on hand, so we can whip together a meal using the week’s remaining produce. Breakfast tacos were thrown together while we decided that we could gnaw on those plain ole boring veggies, or we could clean and trim them then:

Add a drizzle of:

-olive oil

-soy sauce


Add a crackle of:

-black pepper

Add a sprinkle of:

-sesame seeds

-sea salt

Toss them until evenly coated, then arrange on a baking sheet.

Pop’em into your 325 degree oven for 30-40 minutes, or until the tantalizing smell overwhelms you and your fork easily pierces them.

Eat them up warm, or refrigerate for a delicious addition to future recipes. Either way, we know you’ll be licking those sweet vegetable juices off your paws.

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