Something happens to me every time I’m around Heath Ceramics. My logical side is shoved to the ground, as my desire to own ten of each piece takes over.

Saturday was filled with new-to-us San Francisco experiences, and part of our day included a stop into Heath’s new Mission location.

They create and fire ceramics on site, then sell them in their perfectly presented store front. There is even an Blue Bottle cafe inside, where you can relax under soaring ceilings, with sunlight flooding all around you.

Their ceramics feel primitive, showcasing muted colors and honed textures like you would almost find them living wild in the outdoors. I picked up and put down about forty things I wanted to purchase, but we settled on two white handle free mugs, that sit perfectly in your hand.

The way that Heath makes me feel with its curated and clean style, its no-nonsense but beautiful lines, and impeccable taste in colors, is a smart lesson from a mid-century classic.

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