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Last night we had the opportunity to go to a movie screening of Kings of Summer. Upon first viewing of the trailer, I was intrigued, but more excited about the free screening than another coming-of-age story. To be honest, I really only wanted to go because the Hollywood power-couple of Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are two of the supporting actors.

I way underestimated the power of this story. I did not grow up with boys. I have no idea what being an adolescent male is like, and I feel like this is the first emotional glimpse into the internal battle of tender emotion, versus animalistic rage that must go on within a young man. It was like Call of the Wild meets Stand By Me. The acting was superb, the imagery striking and beautiful, and the soundtrack spot on. Youth Lagoon’s 17 played during last shot and into the credits, tastefully wrapping up the whole experience.

Maybe its just the life stage we are at, but I found myself relating to these young people in their quest for autonomy and things yet discovered about life and the world. I wanted to tell them the secrets that come with age. That the heartbreaks get harder to recover from, the friendships get fewer but more meaningful, things get more complicated and grey areas larger, you have good and bad years instead of days, and the freedom that was so desperately sought, comes with great responsibility.

But, then I remembered that I can eat pizza for breakfast…in bed…with cake and a beer, and I loved being an adult again.

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