City living can at times, feel like it’s chipping away at the kindest places in your heart. You see people arguing, fighting, stealing, and just generally misbehaving. On my way to work yesterday, I witnessed a fellow bike commuter just totally antagonizing this driver. The driver was minding his own business, while the cyclist was breaking at least a handful of laws with the way he was riding. The driver ignored the cyclist a number of times, before he finally engaged. What ensued was one very nasty verbal altercation, and I watched both parties totally lose control for a few minutes. The cyclist tore off screaming before things turned physical, but it must have been a very upsetting way to start the driver’s day. Sometimes it feels like people just want to push your buttons; they want to see and feel that reaction you’ll give them when you’re angry.

Flip to last night and we’ve just done a big neighborhood loop, and are about to head back up the hill to our house. We were passing through the Panhandle when we came across the Kindness Bus. The thing that first caught our attention was the sign on the back that said, “Somebody Needs You.” We wandered over and read the messages covering the bus. Words of hope, of a better future, and of kindness for all the people walking this Earth. Bob and his dog Bogart are riding around the perimeter of the United States, bringing awareness to college’s along the way. He’s sharing a message of love, and his challenge to you, is to complete one million acts of kindness during your life. He’s on an amazing adventure with a wonderful theme, and just seeing the bus he travels in, shed a lot of extra light on our day.


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