Smokey Bulbs

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I am one lucky girl. Anne makes the best country loaf that has ever crossed these lips. Because it’s homemade, I get to enjoy it fresh from the oven. While that’s my favorite way to consume it, eating a whole loaf of bread in one sitting is simply not possible. For day two and three of bread leftovers, I usually toast it, pan fry it, or make a scrumptious schmear to slather on top.

Change scene to dinner time on Monday night, and I’m focused on having a dish I can dip the bread into. We decided on GF spaghetti with fresh mozzarella and an arugula salad. While that was a smashing success in itself, we took it a step further by roasting two bulbs of garlic to serve with the bread. For the first bulb, I did my standard practice of hacking off the top, drizzling the cut cloves with a little olive oil, and wrapping it in a foil packet to roast. As I was getting ready to do the second bulb, I remembered that Mary had brought us fresh Thyme from her rooftop garden. I thought it would be the perfect herbal addition to the garlic, so I placed a layer under the bulb, thinking the aromatics would gently flavor it during cooking.

As I silently thanked Mary for her Thyme, I remembered that she had also given me a box of samples from her company Buyer’s Best Friend. BBF now has a retail store on Upper Haight where you can purchase many incredible small batch ingredients. Prior to that, I’d wait for Mary to tell me about some awesome new product she was working with, and beg her to bring some over for us to try. One of those sample items was Eatwell Farm Smoked Chili Salt. This stuff is so good you could throw a pinch on just about anything to jazz it up. Our garlic bulb was no exception; after thirty minutes of oven roasting, we unwrapped our present and proceeded to eat every last clove. It was superb and when looking into my glass cooking ball, I see many smoked chili garlic cloves in our future. Thank you BBF and Mary A. for introducing us to a new kitchen staple!


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