I’ve been aching for one of those lazy weekend days where you find yourself wandering from room-to-room, waiting for your mind to catch up with you. I finally claimed mine on Sunday, and started things off right by sleeping in a little longer than normal.

To keep the relaxation train rolling, we surveyed the kitchen for the makings of a brunch suited for our lounging day. We had started dough the previous night, and unintentionally kicked our brunch process off by setting aside the extra starter, to make into sourdough pancakes.

20130505-215049.jpgAs the fog cleared from my brain courtesy of my cup’o French press, I couldn’t stop eyeing a bunch of bananas that were limping through their last days. We absolutely hate wasting food in our house, and often times our best meals come from our desire to salvage an ingredient we’ve let slip past its prime. I pulled out pineapple, walnuts, and vanilla, then walked back over to my coffee to think things through. As my better half crafted our tart pancakes, I decided on a breakfast compote and set my knife to chopping.

20130505-215102.jpgWhile digging through the pantry, I found some ginger studded dark chocolate that we rough chopped, and sprinkled on the p-cakes before they took their first flip. We learned our lesson long ago, that poring the chips directly into the batter causes them to sink, leaving the first cake high and dry, and the last one sending your insulin levels through the roof. With the cakes on their way, I got to mixing and cooking my compote, flying by the seat of my pants as I went.

20130505-215108.jpgI could have taken the time to toast the walnuts, cream the butter, measure the almond milk and on and on, but I reminded myself to take it easy, and threw it all in the pan together. With the heat on high the whole lot got to simmering, and in less than 15 minutes, we had a pancake topping worthy of our special meal.

Our buddy joined us for breakfast and cut out plate decorations from orange zest. I couldn’t stop smiling at my winking citrus friend, every time I took a bite. Cheers to weekends, re-purposing food, time with friends, and killer breakfasts on those lazy days.

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