Strolling through the park the other day, my buddy stopped to read a posted sign warning of coyotes in the area. I was ribbing her about how thoroughly she was reading the information, when she spotted a coyote not twenty feet away. As we assessed the situation, and I went from making fun to yelping in fear, we noticed even more signage. Apparently the coyote was protecting its den of pups, and based on the way it’s eyes were following us, we knew it was high time to get out of there. We walked quickly, I with pepper spray firmly in hand, and must have looked back a hundred times before we were able to exit that path.

20130503-110853.jpgWe had about thirty minutes before we reached our destination, so we continued along meandering here and there as we relived our moments of coyote danger. We must have gotten distracted as we ended up at the wrong windmill that marks the stop of Golden Gate Park, and the start of Ocean Beach. It turned out to be a happy accident as we were greeted by a full on Dutch celebration in honor of Queen’s Day. The windmill was spinning, which was a rare treat, and delicious smells of fresh Dutch food were wafting in the streets.

20130503-110847.jpgA few minutes later we were dressed up like Queen’s, having our photo taken with giant orange carrots and wooden shoes. We laughed and marveled at our city, where you can be in the middle of the woods with wild coyote’s one hour, and enjoying herring with a fancy crown the next.

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