20130501-114214.jpgJohn Muir is a bit of a hero in this part of the country. Dedicated to nature conservation and living life outside four walls, he helped shape many major parks in the state of California. As a result, it seems fitting that a grove of old growth redwoods was dedicated to the people of this nation in his name. Despite having hiked many areas around Muir Woods, this past weekend was our first visit inside of the park.

20130501-115206.jpgWhile the boardwalk on the forest floor showcased the awe-inspiring height of its wooden inhabitants, we quickly decided to take a path up, up, and away from the strollers and vacationing families below.

20130501-114207.jpgLeaving the chatter behind, we followed a trail that lead up to the rim of the park, and into the quiet hillsides of giant ferns. We walked alongside many trees that have been standing for over 500 years. It’s hard to imagine the way the world must have looked when these trees took root, back when the Ottoman Empire was still expanding, Leonardo da Vinci was earning his title of Renaissance Man, and Sir Francis Drake made his journey around the world.

20130502-082944.jpgThis grove will be standing, breathing, and being long after we’re gone. It brings us peace knowing that these quiet giants are protected, and will continue their growth for many centuries to come.

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