20130430-105042.jpgDuring a family visit this past weekend, we celebrated the beautiful weather by grilling great eats, and laughing with friends at our afternoon bar-b-que.

We had spent the first half of the day exploring some of our city’s amazing parks. It had been a hot day for sightseeing, so come prep-for-the-party-time, a handful of quick hors d’oeuvres were selected. While each dish seemed to hit the spot, the fan favorite was a quick summertime bruschetta.

A pile of ripe cherry tomatoes were sliced in half lengthwise, and tossed in a bowl with a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, and handful of minced garlic cloves. Once the tomatoes were evenly coated, the mixture was poured onto a pan and oven roasted at 250 degrees until fragrant, or about twenty minutes.

Once slightly cooled, the mixture was divided in half. The first portion was served straight up for maximum tomato flavor, and the second was folded into fresh goat cheese for a decadent spread. Served with triangles of spelt bread, both bowls were wiped clean in no time.

Serving a quick, delicious dish using fresh ingredients + not missing out on the day’s sunshine =  a match made in BBQ heaven.

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