Happy Seasons


The holiday season is in full force. It can be hard to look past the shopping obsessed citizens of the world, towards a holiday that is focused on the joy of those around you.

This year, we hosted a gathering meant to hold on to that very merry spirit. We toasted savory nuts, whipped up two holiday punches, sipped on Tricia’s most delicious eggnog, and enjoyed the company of friends in our Kitzelmann Haus.

Anne takes her Christmas spirit seriously, so she put together an amazing holiday play list we’ll be using for years to come. We put classic Christmas movies on silent in the back ground, made sure every white light was twinkling, and had many candles aglow.

‘Tis the season to celebrate love, and to revel in the company of those you hold near and dear. If you’re interested in sharing a delicious punch with friends, please enjoy our recipes below:

Cranberry Crush:
(Yields twelve drinks)
Two cups cranberry juice (we use no sugar added juice)
One cup pomegranate juice (we use classic POM)
Two cups Gin (we use Bombay Sapphire)
One-half to one cup (to taste) of homemade lime simple syrup (add the juice of two limes while the sugar is reducing)
Combine all of the liquids and stir
Top each glass with an ounce of plain soda water, and a sprig of fresh mint.

Apple Toddy:
(Yields twelve drinks)
Ten cups pure apple cider (we use Martinelli’s)
Two cups water
One-quarter cup mulling spices
Six lemon slices
Six orange slices
Combine all liquids and citrus fruits
Let the mixture come to a slow simmer on the stove for fifteen minutes
Ladle one cup of the mulled cider into a mug, and top with two ounces of Bourbon
Top with a thin slice of orange and/or a thin slice of lemon

May peace be with you and yours. Mmmwah!

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