The ocean and the bay smash into each other just a few blocks from where I reside in my desk chair. It can be challenging to stay focused on the task at hand, knowing that there are so many sun filled moments to be had out there.














It was a quiet afternoon, so I stepped out a smidgen further than I normally go, and sought solitude at Pier 14. It’s generally a bizarre mishmash of homeless people with their various carts, finance moguls in pressed slacks breathing fresh air between deals, and runners getting their lunch-time sweat on.

This afternoon was no exception, and our colorful community was out in full force. I was nearly clipped by a high-speed rollerblader, shredding concrete like there was no one else around.

There was an elderly fisherman plucking eats from the bay left and right, and I watched him work his magic. The ease and grace at which he operated made me want to ask him about his life, as I’d love to be as agile when I reach that age.

An aspiring hip-hop master was busting his beats at the end of the pier, and though his sound was slightly muffled by the wind and waves, I could still hear the desire to succeed in his voice.

Open the door and step outside to explore your city, town, neighborhood, or street and meet your people. I think you’ll find that there are many stories yet to be told.


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