Onions are great for camp cooking situations. You can prep them ahead of time, and change the flavors to suit many a meal. It turns out we love these bulbs so much, we inadvertently used them three different ways when staying at the Steep Ravine cabins.

The first was slightly sweet, using honey and butter. We popped it on the grill early to let it slow cook, and it paired really well with our soy sauce spiked asparagus.

The second was thickly sliced, and placed on top of our mac and cheese that we pre-cooked. Once cooled, we cut individual servings and wrapped them in foil packets. We felt rustic re-heating them on top of the cabin’s cast iron stove, and who doesn’t love warm mac and cheese on a cold evening!

The last one was savory with fresh fennel, spicy peppers, and olive oil. The perfect topper for our veggie sausages.

However you slice’em, dice’em, grill’em or bake’em, those bulbs can bring a special kick, to all your camp meals.

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