I have always described New York as the person you have the torrid love affair with, but not the one you marry.

For many years it was my dream to be a starving artist, living in an industrial loft in Manhattan, resembling a female version of Ethan Hawke in Great Expectations. It all seemed so romantic and artistic, to be perpetually wearing a coat due to the inability to pay the heating bill. But, a three-month internship, and the outlandish price of cigarettes, was all I needed to discover that the pace of life and lack of nature, made New York and I incompatible for the long haul.

The video for Vampire Weekend’s single, Step, challenges my position. The song itself is so melodic and uncomplicated, that when paired with the black and white imagery of buildings and bridges, New York once again seems manageable…quiet even. For a song about moving forward and growing up, I found myself fondly looking backward. At a version of me that cared much less about consequences and planning, and more about the pursuit of a passion.

For a moment I feel old, and then Ezra reminds me, “we know the true death, the way of all flesh, everyone’s dying, but girl you’re not old yet.”

I guess anything could happen.

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