Although this song has been out for some time, it felt appropriate to post due to the fantastic weather we are having in SF, and the fact the Major Lazer’s second album is being released next week.

This is by far one of the most beautiful songs of 2013. I have been in love from the first listen and have yet to tire of it. The video captures the beauty of the people, culture and country of Jamaica. Dancehall moves have evolved from ska, rock steady and reggae, to become one of the most vibrant and physically expressive forms of dance today.

Wikipedia says:

“Dancehall culture actively creates a space for its “affectors” (creators of dancehall culture) and its “affectees” (consumers of dancehall culture) to take control of their own representation, contest conventional relationships of power, and exercise some level of cultural, social and even political autonomy.”

Ok. Who do I contact, to learn how to move like that?

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