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I am re-entering the world from what might just be my favorite vacation(s) ever. We had sixteen whole days away from the office, and out in the world together. We saw piles of people we love, and also managed to scoop away some much needed Kitzelmann’s only time for our fourteen year anniversary. There was a holiday visit to Cincinnati, free days in our beloved city by the bay, and a divine weekend up north in our home-away-away-from-home, Tomales Bay. I felt my shoulders relax, the end-of-year tension leaving my body, and sunshine on my face. I focused on taking a step away from social media for the break. While I still succumbed a few times, it felt nice to experience events not through my camera lens, but through the two lenses I was gifted at birth.

During one of the moments I did pick up my camera, I snapped this shot. I had picked up fresh+local Dungeness crab from the corner market in Tomales Bay, and we spent a leisurely evening by the fire cracking crab and enjoying it with a splash of seasoned butter. We actually managed to have a little left over, so Anne finished up the process and set it aside for the next morning. While she began work on our rainy day puzzle, I crafted breakfast tacos. First there were pan-fried potatoes with a few leftover garlic fries in the mix, beans, crumbled cheese, and a dollop of fresh salsa. The final note was a sprinkling of that leftover chilled crab, to remind us we were ocean side.

With the fuel from these tacos, we finished our 1000 piece puzzle, made friends with the local seagull, soaked in the hot tub no less than three times, read books, and managed to enjoy a short nap. If you haven’t had a break from the fast pace of life lately, try to take one day to step away from your electronic devices and remember what it feels like to be gloriously unattached!

Happiest New Year to you and yours; may your 2013 be filled with love, new experiences, and lots of delicious food.

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