We live far away from our families. And while that stings badly and tears are shed over missed moments, it’s made easier by nights like the one we had last night.

We have a pretty rare group of friends, that help keep our household of planners living in the moment. Inspired by their spirit, we loosened our ties, unbuttoned that throat-choking top guy, and let our hair down.

Timeline for a spontaneous night:

4:50 – Decide dinner out would be delightful tonight.

4:51 – Call our neighborhood pizza joint, to see if they have room on their dope heated patio. They do for a minimum of seven, and we take it.

4:54 – Send out an email to ten friends asking if any, or all, are down.

5:17 – Confirm eight people, and dinner is on.

7:45 – Catch-up on each other’s lives, enjoy delicious eats + cold drinks, and laugh. Lots of laughing.

9:45 – Bid each other adieu, and make promises for the morrow.

Happy Friday, and here’s to surrogate families.

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